Air quality crisis: making pollution visible in the air we breathe

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Feb 12, 2019 2:02

Over the last few years Rob and Joanna have worked hard to make sure that the Council is aware of the rat-running through Lambridge and the air pollution that traffic creates.

Joanna has worked with the artist Alison Harper to produce the art installation “Hot Spots” which is comprised of 69 red bicycle wheels, making visible the pollution in the air we breathe. This is part of our campaign in Lambridge to improve air quality, create better walking and cycling infrastructure and have affordable and reliable public transport.

Rob is working with Travel West to have electric charging points installed into the New Oriel Hall car park. Together we have worked with Council staff to erect more cycling stands in Lambridge and soon these will to be erected in front of the Co-Op, in Larkhall.

Sign the Petition: Make safe, independent travel to school possible and affordable for every child aged 11 to 18, at all schools, state and private, in Bath & North East Somerset

We are committed to improving the school bus run. It was shown in research carried out by Joanna with the University of Bath that rush hour journey time is higher in term time than non-term time and this was due to parents driving their children to school. This highlighted that bus services to secondary schools from the East of Bath are more expensive, infrequent and crammed.

The recent closure of two secondary schools in the city has meant many more children have to criss-cross the city twice a day. Some bus routes have been withdrawn. Many parents from around the city are at their wits end and feel they have no choice but to drive and are telling us that they  want a Travel Plan for Bath that includes school children.

We will work with the service providers and regional government to take responsibility for ensuring safe, independent travel to school is possible and affordable, for every child aged 11 to 18, at all schools, state and private, in Bath & North East Somerset. Sign the petition requesting the council to take responsibility for ensuring safe, independent travel. This is an issue for everyone who uses our roads, not just for parents and students.

Did you know that 87% of traffic on the London Road turns out to be local traffic? More on this in our next Focus issue.

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