Keep a school at Bath Community Academy site

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Jul 22, 2016 2:07

Lib Dems in Bath have reacted with anger and disappointment to the plans to close Bath Community Academy (BCA) and are calling action to ensure the continuation of secondary provision on the Rush Hill site.


Southdown Councillor Dine Romero, Leader of the Lib Dem Group, commented:

“The focus for parents, pupils and staff must be on getting the best outcomes for the children. We believe that local parents want a school on the BCA site with the same ethos of child-centred education that is currently provided. This could be through the Council and community working with CLF to halt the closure or through another Academy Trust.”

“Along with other local Lib Dem Councillors I am seeking urgent meetings with Chief Executives of local Academy chains to see what options are available.”

Sarah Moore is a Lib Dem campaigner in Twerton and a parent of a child at BCA. She said:


"BCA serves the needs of the community and our community needs a local school, with a nurturing culture, valuing more than academic statistics. Ofsted ratings are a blunt instrument. What’s important to parents is that their children get a rounded education.”

“The accessibility of BCA is also important. Many local parents would not wish to see their children travel across the city every day. Many may not have access to private transport or would struggle to pay for public transport and new uniforms.”


Odd Down ward Councillor Steve Hedges (Lib Dem) added:

“This proposed closure is deeply unfair for local children whose education will suffer if they are forced to move schools in September 2017. Aside from the disruption and fragmented friendships, they may also be at increased risk of bullying.”

“In 2010, when the Conservatives wanted to close Culverhay, the community and local Councillors rallied round to save it. Now the Council and government have allowed the school to fail. But local people can save it again. We shouldn’t have to, but we will.”

Education spokesperson, Lisa Brett (Walcot, Lib Dems) said: 


“More secondary school places will be needed in future years, due to population growth and new housing areas. Already at least three new primaries are planned in Bath and other primary schools are expanding.”

“If BCA is closed and the land is used for other purposes, then the opportunity for a school on that site will be lost forever. This must not be allowed to happen. There are still options available. The Council could set up an Academy Trust and take back control of the school or another Academy Trust could take over the site or part of it. There is a shortage of alternative special educational places across the city, so surely there is an opportunity here for a different type of school to be established, one which would meet the needs of the community across the South of Bath.”

Jay_Risbridger_(2016).JPGJay Risbridger, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bath, commented:

“It’s incredibly disappointing that the Council and others currently seem to simply accept the proposed closure. Although the marketisation of schools has left Councils with a limited role, the Council could do more to reassure parents and act as a catalyst for other options to be brought forward.”

“The BCA is of vital importance to the community in South West Bath and it must not be allowed to close without finding alternative provision on this site for local children.”

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