Letter: Heavy vehicles add to our traffic worries

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Mar 24, 2016 3:03

This letter from Andy Halliday was originally published in the Bath Chronicle on 24 March 2016.

I have written before on the concerns I and other residents living near Charlton Road have regarding the increasing volumes of traffic using this road.

We have of course now the added issue of heavy vehicles servicing the building development site "Bilbie Green" which will be ongoing for a number of years.

Crossing Charlton Road, particularly to access the bus stop by Lays Farm, continues to be fraught with danger, especially for those with reduced mobility and children in buggies. Mindful of the 260 houses being built on this site with additional applications by Persimmon and Bloor on adjacent sites adding 210 more properties, all vehicles from these developments will also be coming on to Charlton Road along with increasing traffic from forthcoming developments being planned near Whitchurch/Queen Charlton.

The proposed new road from "The Mead" at the end of Park Road to connect via a route near Parkhouse Lane to Charlton Road will add unacceptable numbers of vehicles on to this already heavily used road. Charlton Road currently has in part a 20mph limit and narrows dramatically towards the High Street. On paper the planned road looks like a practical idea but I fear we will end up with an even larger queue on to the High Street if it ever gets approved.

Only time will tell if the reality of traffic volumes using this road becomes the nightmare that I and other residents living near to and using Charlton Road sadly fear.

Andy Halliday
Chairman Keynsham and Saltford Liberal Democrats

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