Lib Dems launch Bath summer clean-up drive

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Aug 15, 2019 9:08

Bath city centre will get a big boost of £40,000 for a major clean-up of our streets. Your Lib Dem council is acting after listening to complaints from residents about the state of the city centre.

For the next six weeks, Bath & North East Somerset Council’s cleansing team will provide extended periods of high quality cleaning and washing, from early in the morning until late into the evening, including weekends. More staff will be brought in to pick up litter, empty litter bins and wash streets.

This announcement follows years of neglect of Bath’s streets by the former Conservative administration. There simply hasn’t been enough recognition or action by the Conservatives in addressing the waste and litter problems that are exacerbated by increased tourist numbers during the summer.

The Lib Dems are taking action to restore pride in Bath’s historic streets. This will be followed by a longer-term strategy of tackling littering, overflowing waste and fly-tipping across the whole of Bath and North East Somerset.

Lib Dem Councillor Dave Wood, cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services, said:

“The new council administration is taking action after listening to complaints by residents of dirty, rubbish-strewn streets and over-flowing bins in our historic city centre. When I took over the role of cabinet member for Neighbourhoods after the local election in May I said I would address this issue that has been neglected for too long.

“I have made weekend cleaning, bin emptying and increased street washing priorities for this cleansing drive, which will starts this week. Specialist machines will work longer hours, to improve the level of cleaning currently carried out and more staff will be on hand to ensure bins are emptied promptly in the city.

“We need to ensure that Bath is clean and inviting for residents and visitors all year round, but in these summer months when the city is busy and hot and dry extra cleansing is needed. I would like to thank the Bath Chronicle’s Clean Up Bath Campaign and residents for helping draw attention to the problem.  

“Our staff work hard to keep the streets clean, but we all need to play our part and we will continue to work to address the underlying problems that cause litter and fly-tipping across the whole of Bath and North East Somerset. We still urge people to help us keep Bath clean by disposing of their litter properly or taking it home and we will continue to issue fixed penalty notices where deliberate environmental crime is committed, but our team will also be working even harder to keep the city a welcoming place to be.”

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