Cllr Bharat Pankhania


Councillor for Combe Down

Correspondence Address: c/o Liberal Democrat Group Office, The Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW
Email: [email protected]
07464 867554

Twitter: @doctorshaib

Bharat Pankhania has been a resident of Bath for over twenty years, and has spent the last twelve years as a resident of Combe Down. Whilst Bath is an affluent world Heritage City, there are considerable inequalities in the city and more so up the hill in Combe Down. Whilst out campaigning, Bharat has learned of the major issues for the residents, and wants to address them properly, such as the issues of green belt and green space degradation, poverty in a rich city, and a sustainable housing plan. Bharat trained as a Doctor of Medicine in Cardiff, and is currently the head of Public Health Medicine at Exeter University. His children attend the local Combe Down Primary School and Ralph Allen School.