Cllr Dr Kumar


Councillor for Bathwick

Correspondence Address: Polis, University of Bath, BA2 7AY
Email: [email protected]
07942 583450

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Twitter: @YukteshwarKumar
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Dr. Kumar lectures at the University of Bath, where he has been the Course Director for the Interpretation and Translation of Chinese since 2007. Dr. Kumar works hard all year long focusing on issues of pollution, traffic congestion, and housing problems. Through meeting with over a thousand residents in the past few years, Dr. Kumar is a dedicated member of the community who cares about the issues that plague residents of Bathwick the most--the Clean Air Zone, REC, Cleveland Pools, and Transport and Housing. Dr. Kumar is a community event organiser, as well as being fluent in five languages. In the past, Dr. Kumar has worked extensively with students and hopes to facilitate better community services in Bathwick with them. In his spare time, Dr. Kumar enjoys spending time with his son, a national chess player who attends a local Bathwick secondary school. Dr. Kumar’s wife works for the council; together, they care for her ailing mother, which has illuminated the challenges of elder care in the country. Now elected, Dr. Kumar ensures for a better future by thinking globally and acting locally.