Cllr Lucy Hodge

Councillor for Lansdown

Correspondence Address: Audley House, Park Gardens, Bath, BA1 2XP
Email: [email protected]

Lucy Hodge moved to Bath eleven years ago with her husband and three children, who attend senior school in the city. She has worked for fifteen years as an intensive care pharmacist in NHS hospitals, mostly in London, then for the last decade has had an administrative role in her husband’s writing business. She has an interest in our city’s approach to traffic and its impact on safety, air quality and quality of life. She has campaigned for improvements in infrastructure to enable safe walking and cycling around Bath, particularly for school children and the partially sighted.  As a pharmacist, parent, and grateful recipient of the service, she will speak out in support of increased funding for the NHS. At this time of political uncertainty, with the Council’s budget significantly reduced, it is more important than ever to choose the right team to tackle difficult decisions and make sure the city works for its residents. Lucy is determined to improve access to democracy and will be proactive in taking forward issues raised by the Lansdown community.