Cllr Manda Rigby

Councillor for Bathwick, Cabinet Member for Transport

Correspondence Address: 44 Powlett Road, Bath, BA2 6QL
Email: [email protected]
07703 547175

Twitter: @CllrMandaRigby

Manda Rigby was Bath’s Woman of the Year--a fitting award given to a very active member of the community. She previously served as councillor, held a seat on the residents associations committee, and was the Chair of Bath City Football Club. A resident of Bath for over a decade, Manda demands better regarding the congestion of traffic, issues revolving around housing, and health. Manda is well-qualified to be the voice of Bathwick, as her previous experience stems from senior roles in Microsoft, Cisco, and Netgear. Her skills enable her to be able to support numerous local charities, as well as be the voice Bathwick needs the most.