Cllr Mark Elliott


Councillor for Lansdown

Correspondence Address: 32 Charlcombe Lane, Bath, BA1 6NS
Email: [email protected]
07917 187173

Twitter: @saviourtortoise

Mark Elliott moved to Bath in the 1990’s, where he lives with his wife and two sons. Mark is enthusiastic about engaging local people in decision making on the things which affect their daily lives and their local environment. He is particularly concerned with the impact heavy traffic has on the city and wants to see genuine viable alternatives to getting in the car.  He is alarmed by the looming housing crisis and wants a city where his children might be able to buy a house when they’re older. Mark works for a financial software company, providing him with years of insight and experience of the business world. In his spare time, Mark loves running the choir at Christ Church on Julian Road where he has been Director of Music for twenty-one years, and he is a passionate believer in the power of art and music to enrich lives and build communities.