Cllr Rob Appleyard

Councillor for Lambridge

Correspondence Address: 36 The Brow, Bath, BA2 1EA
Email: [email protected]
07527 577186

Twitter: @Rob_Appleyard

Rob Appleyard has twelve years of invaluable experience, having previously served as a Unitary Authority Councillor. A former resident of Radstock, Rob relocated to Bath five years ago. Rob has now made the diverse community of Lambridge his home, and wants to give back to the community that he loved by working to fix the number of issues there. In the past, Rob has run successful campaigns for delivering a better road safety crossing at two of the local schools in Lambridge, as well as helping to create a skate park facility for teenagers in Alice Park with local resident Joanna Wright. Rob is a strong believer of a collaborative approach to community cohesion and growth, and wants to see his community flourish. Rob wants to explore adding new revenue streams in the area to counter the current continual reduction of government funding.