Cllr Shelley Bromley

Councillor for Weston

Correspondence Address: 7 Lansdown Lane, Weston, Bath, BA1 4LS
Email: [email protected]

Shelley Bromley has been a resident of Bath for thirty-six years, and a resident of Weston since 1994 with her husband and three children. Dedicated to her community, Shelley serves on the committee for the new library and is a volunteer at Love Weston Café. In Weston, Shelley’s campaign includes issues like monitoring traffic, lowering levels of pollution, and promoting better care of the environment. Currently, Shelley is a lecturer at the University of Bath, but has previously worked at Bailbrook College, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, and Bath College. In Weston, Shelley wants to build a lively community spirit so that residents feel that they can contribute to the area.