Conservative Cuts Target Bath

George Osborne's recently announced cuts are set to reach £3billion - and Bath is one of the places set to take the biggest hit.

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Jun 05, 2015 12:06

George Osborne's recently announced cuts are set to reach £3billion - and Bath is one of the places set to take the biggest hit.

Before the election, Bath's Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster secured a package of £250,000 funding for research into tackling the problem of gulls in cities. It is one of the programmes the Conservative Government has now targeted for scrapping entirely. You can sign the petition against this cut here.

The Cycle Cities Ambition fund which allocated £19million to Bristol to improve their cycle schemes is also set to be a target of the Conservative Government's new "efficiency savings," - spending £23million less than it was intended to when introduced by the Liberal Democrats. The scheme was announced by leader of the Liberal Democrats at the time Nick Clegg, and campaigners in Bath had hoped to use cycle improvements in Bristol as a springboard to further inspire and motivate better cycling in B&NES.

Dozens of arts and sports organisations will also be affected, as will higher and further education.

Commenting, leader of B&NES Liberal Democrats Dine Romero said:

"The real worry is how fast these cuts have come, and that they're only the tip of the ice berg. These £3billion of cuts are just the immediate savings; there will be a much deeper cuts programme announced by the Conservative Government in July. The Lib Dems on the Council will work to hold the Conservative administration to account, and minimise the impact the cuts to local Government funding have on ordinary residents here in Bath and North East Somerset."

Former Lib Dem MP Don Foster added:

"Now that the Conservatives are no longer restrained by being in Coalition, they are able to implement the scale of cuts to our services that they always wanted to. I worked hard, over many years, to secure that funding to tackle urban gulls. Everyone knows that they cause mess, noise and damage to property. It was going to make life better for people here in Bath. It's a shame that much of the work the Lib Dems did over the last 5 years now looks like it's going to be reversed."

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