Lib Dems Demand Better for Bath's air quality

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Mar 13, 2019 5:03

Lib Dems say that, based on the current evidence, a Lib Dem-run Council would not charge cars for entering Bath’s clean air zone. However, the current plan is flawed and wider measures to reduce and manage traffic congestion, as well as cutting greenhouse gases, are needed.


Lib Dem spokesperson for clean air, Richard Samuel, said:

"I want to make it completely clear that based on the current evidence the Lib Dems would not charge cars for entering Bath’s clean air zone. The plan signed off by the Conservatives does not appear to justify introducing a charge for cars, but it does justify charging HGVs, LGVs, buses, and taxis and we support those measures.

“However, there are serious flaws in the Conservatives’ plans. They contain only half-hearted attempts to tackle the city’s pollution problem, which damages all our health. We need a comprehensive approach to tackling this serious problem that is complementary to the proposed clean air zone.

“It’s very disappointing that after four years of Conservative control so little has been achieved. A Lib Dem administration will therefore introduce a wide range of measures to reduce and manage traffic congestion in Bath as well as cutting greenhouse gases.

“Bath is becoming notorious for the problems of traffic congestion. The Lib Dems will tackle this problem, restore the quality of our public spaces and improve local public transport to give real alternative choices without punishing those who rely on the use of cars.

“We believe in a balanced approach to tackling poor air quality across Bath that does not unfairly penalise residents and we will work with them as we implement the changes that will benefit all of us."

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