Conservatives Block Education Debate

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Nov 11, 2016 11:11

Lib Dem Councillors are objecting to the blocking, by the Conservative ruling party, of a debate on education at B&NES Council yesterday evening.

Councillor Dine Romero (Southdown) commented:

“We were very disappointed that the opportunity for Councillors to discuss education in B&NES was blocked by Conservatives, who refused to allow enough time on the Council meeting for all the agenda items.”

“Given the chance, the Lib Dems would have moved wording calling for the Council to retain the diverse range of schools in B&NES including retention of secondary education on all current sites. Unfortunately this was not allowed.”

Councillor Steve Hedges (Odd Down) added:

“Scores of parents and supporters were protesting against the planned closure of Bath Community Academy before the Council meeting, however due to Conservative restrictions on public speakers, only one was allowed to speak.”

“The Conservative obsession with short meetings and getting to bed on time is interfering with democracy in B&NES. Councillors must be allowed the time to discuss matters that are critical to our residents.”

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