Farron slams Corbyn over Momentum protest

Tim Farron has accused Jeremy Corbyn of playing "silly games" over the Labour leader's decision to lead a Momentum demonstration as parliament debates the Article 50 bill.

"Jeremy Corbyn is doing the worst kind of virtue signalling possible. He is standing with a placard in his hand when actually he could work with me and, together, we could defeat the government on this issue. But he chooses not too. We have the votes in the Lords to defeat the government, but he is telling his peers not to do that. Yet he has the gumption to organise a protest on the issue.

"How can he go to this protest with a straight face. It's utterly risible. He looks like a hypocrite.

"I challenge Jeremy Corbyn - if you care about this issue - put a three line whip on your peers and do it now.

"Labour are an utter shambles and people see through their silly games."

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