Why no pilot for fortnightly waste collections?

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Aug 03, 2016 4:08

Liberal Democrats on B&NES Council are raising concerns that the move to fortnightly residual waste collections, to be introduced next year by the Conservative administration, will happen with no consultation and no pilot scheme.

Councillor Ian Gilchrist (Widcombe, Lib Dem) commented:

Ian_Gilchrist.JPG“Councillors recently had the opportunity to ask questions about the waste review at a scrutiny committee meeting. I was concerned to hear that the move to fortnightly collections of landfill waste will happen without any pilot scheme having been carried out. Examples of schemes run by other Councils were considered adequate to make the change here in B&NES.”

“The Cabinet report on the waste review claimed that the new service was following a ‘tried and tested methodology’. However these methods have not been tried and tested in B&NES, which has a unique set of circumstances; not least the challenges relating to access and storage in the World Heritage City of Bath.”

“I fear that without a pilot, the changes will be introduced without a good understanding of the potential pitfalls. This could lead to implementation problems such as disrupted collections for residents and rubbish piling up in the streets, as was seen during the Kier industrial action debacle earlier this year.”

Councillor Neil Butters (Bathavon South, Lib Dem) added:

Neil_Butters_2014_(small_file).jpg“It is also a concern that no public consultation was carried out about these proposals. This is a significant change to the waste collection service and it is being introduced on the assumption of public support and with no opportunity for residents to give feedback on the proposals. The Conservative administration is clearly uninterested in listening to residents.”

“Many will doubtless support the scheme – Bath and North East Somerset residents have long been keen recyclers – but others, who may be very unhappy, have been given no opportunity to protest. The lack of consultation is also a missed opportunity, as residents could have given valuable feedback to improve the scheme, supplying local information which would not have been picked up by the desk-based modelling.”

“It does seem that this has not been fully thought through”

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