Conservatives accused of ‘smoke and mirrors’ over garden waste collections

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Apr 18, 2018 2:04

The Conservatives are trying to hoodwink local residents over charges for garden waste collections say Lib Dem Councillors in B&NES.


Residents are receiving their annual bill for the garden waste service this month. The letter includes a claim that the price has been frozen at £44 alongside an announcement that the service will no longer be provided for three winter months. This means the price per collection is actually going up by 30%.

Odd Down Councillor, Steve Hedges (pictured), commented:

“B&NES residents are once again being stung with a fee increase, but this time the Tories are trying to use smoke and mirrors to disguise it. They are actually putting the price of the garden waste service up by 30% if you consider that the number of collections will be reduced.

“This doesn’t make any sense on a practical level. Many people still make good use of the garden waste service in the winter as this is the time gardeners may be clearing away dead plants and removing fallen leaves.

“It’s all very well to say recycling centres are available free of charge, but why should residents use their own petrol to drive to the tip if they have already paid for the wheelie bin?”

Lib Dem spokesperson on community services, Councillor Richard Samuel (Walcot ward) added:

“We argued against this stealth increase in the last budget round. Not only will it be an inconvenience for many, but it may well lead to fewer residents signing up for the garden waste collections, making the service unsustainable in the long term, whilst additional car journeys will add to congestion and air pollution.”

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