Grammar schools are flawed

Lib Dems speak out against grammar schools

With new Tory plans to bring back grammar schools Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron spoke out against the plans;

"Theresa May's argument for grammar schools is so flawed that it does not stand up to the most basic scrutiny. A postcode lottery is not fixed by creating a different discriminator

“I assumed that grammar schools were the obsession of a few on the right of the Tory who party who seem to want to stop the world as they want to get off, but it seems this thinking has seeped into Number 10.

“You can see clearly that without the Liberal Democrats to restrain the Tories they are showing their true colours:  divisive and uncaring.

"We need to make every school excellent, support every child and make sure every young person has the aspiration to succeed.  If Theresa May suddenly cares about inclusive education she should extend Liberal Democrat achievements in the coalition such as free early years education, the pupil premium and free school dinners.

"The notion that this is a small part of a wider shake up in education should send a shiver down the spine of every teacher, head and governor.

"The Liberal Democrats are the party of education. We believe in a society that is open, tolerant and united. But we will not sit idly by while the political consensus on grammar schools, created by Shirley Williams is unpicked by the Tories.

Local candidate for Bath, Jay Risbridger, commented “The idea of bringing back grammar schools helps those already who enjoy huge advantages. Even Thatcher did not create new grammar schools, this policy will not help create a more equal society.”

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