Higher Tax, Fewer Services

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Feb 28, 2019 12:02

The Tory Town Council increases Council Tax, hoarding the money in a bank account as Keynsham services are cut. 

Conservative-ran Keynsham Town Council is seeing a bumper increase of 10% in Council Tax this year extra but is refusing to invest it in public services. Keynsham Liberal Democrats want to see investment in our town. Each house will pay an extra 2%.

Local campaigner Andy Wait said, “Hard-working Keynsham families could have been spared a tax increase, as the number of new homes built in the town means more Council Tax income for the Town Council, but the Conservatives decided to increase your Council Tax anyway.

Resident Hal MacFie added, “Worst of all the Conservatives are hoarding your extra Council Tax money in bank accounts rather than investing it in our town. The Conservatives have no plans to improve public services.”

Local Liberal Democrat Caitlin Brennan said, “We are seeing a substantial increase in income but nothing seems to be changing; webelieve the residents should not have to pay more than last year.”

The Keynsham Liberal Democrats believe in investing in Keynsham rather than hoarding your hard earned Council Tax in bank accounts.

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