Hunt's Empty Promises

The Liberal Democrats are standing with the public and NHS staff, who are tired of Jeremy Hunt's empty promises. His continued failure to make a real difference to the staffing shortages crippling our healthcare system, despite repeated pledges, has come under fire from senior Lib Dems following his Conservative Party conference speech.

Responding to Jeremy Hunt's speech at Conservative Party conference today, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Norman Lamb said:

“The public and NHS staff have grown tired of these empty promises.

"Time and again this government has announced fantasy numbers on extra GPs, nurses and doctors, while in the real world numbers continue to fall.

“Despite repeated pledges to create more training posts, applications for nursing places fell by a fifth this year after the government recklessly scrapped bursaries for student nurses.

“Today’s announcement does nothing to address the current nursing shortages that are already putting patient care under threat.

"If Jeremy Hunt really wants to fix the chronic shortage of nurses in our NHS, his government urgently needs to reinstate nursing bursaries, lift the pay cap and guarantee EU nationals’ rights after Brexit."

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