Let's have an even more inclusive Bath City Forum

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Sep 14, 2016 2:09

Liberal Democrat Councillors on the Bath City Forum have called for the body to be made even more inclusive when new co-opted members are recruited next year. Speaking at the first AGM of the Forum, which was held yesterday evening, Lib Dem rep Councillor Dine Romero suggested that the Forum should look to recruit members reflecting the diversity of the population of Bath.

The Forum is currently made up of thirteen Councillors and thirteen co-opted members who are volunteers from the wider Bath community. It was set up following a Lib Dem initiative to create a Bath Committee in the Council. Bath does not have the same level of representation areas which have a town or parish Council.

Dine_Romero_(2015).jpgDine commented:

“The Bath City Forum was created to enhance democracy and consider issues from a Bath perspective. After an interesting first year, the Forum is now looking at the process for recruiting and selecting next year’s intake of co-opted members.”

“The Lib Dem representatives on the Forum fully support the current co-opted members staying on till September 2017, as was agreed. They have all done an excellent job."

"When we start looking for the new co-opted members, we should aim to make the membership even wider and more diverse, reflecting the population of Bath."

"I would love to see the Forum reach out to people who might not have previously thought that this was their sort of thing. We need to put our heads together and come up with new ideas to attract people from across Bath and from all walks of life.”

“I hope that we will get some really enthusiastic new members who will bring different ideas and fresh perspectives to the work of the Forum.”

To find out more about Bath City Forum please visit this page on the Council website.

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