Delivering for residents with investment in frontline services

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Aug 06, 2021 12:08

Almost a million pounds worth of extra investment in keeping B&NES clean and safe has been approved by the Council’s Lib Dem Cabinet.

This additional money will be available from the start of the next financial year (April 2022) to improve standards in Council activities and reinstate some services. Priorities include:

  • more proactive street cleaning
  • graffiti removal
  • deep cleans of channels and gulleys
  • banning glyphosate weedkiller to protect wildlife
  • better enforcement against fly tipping and littering
  • cleaning and repainting highway signs
  • repainting road markings
  • improving digital systems and information
  • faster road and pavement maintenance

Cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services, Councillor Dave Wood, commented:

“In common with every local authority, B&NES Council had to make huge cuts to services in order to balance its budgets over the last 10 years. This had an inevitable impact on services like highways maintenance, street cleansing and parks.

“When this Liberal Democrat council was elected two years ago, one of the first things we did was reverse Tory cuts to city centre cleaning and to Autumn leaf clearing. We also got rid of the privatised litter police who were fining people for things like feeding the birds.

“Last year we reversed more cuts to keep our streets cleaner and to fund a major clean-up operation along our A and B roads in North East Somerset.

“We’ve also invested in fly-tipping enforcement. Fly-tipping tonnages have reduced year on year and the number of people caught and fined has tripled since the start of our administration.

“This year we are spending an extra £100,000 on improving the quality of our environment.

“This is all making a big difference and local people are telling us they’re pleased. However, we want to go even further.

“That’s why we’ve announced a further £950,000 priority funding next year, to support frontline services from street cleaning to graffiti, from repairing roads to banning glyphosate for street weeds.

“We are all proud of our area and want it to look its best. These are the issues that residents tell us really matter to them. This extra investment will also help support local economic recovery from the pandemic.

“Under the Liberal Democrats your Council is working hard to reverse historic cuts, balance our books and give residents the services they deserve.”

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