Lamb: Not credible for Boris to stay in Government

Former Health Minister Norman Lamb calls for Boris Johnson to leave the government over his misleading use of the £350m NHS myth. The statistic is a "cynical ploy" and has ruined Johnson's credibility.

Former Health Minister Norman Lamb, who was the first to raise the misleading use of the £350m figure with the UK Statistics Authority, has said it's not credible for Boris Johnson to remain in government.

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb commented:

'It's not credible for Boris Johnson to stay in Government after this extraordinary intervention, in which he repeats the myth that Tories will put £350m more a week into the NHS once we leave the EU.

"It always was a cynical ploy to win votes. It beggars belief that Boris Johnson is still trying to perpetuate this myth.

"It's pretty hard to take when the NHS is on its knees because his Government is failing to invest sufficient resources in improving care. He should be sacked straight away."

Norman Lamb wrote to the UK Statistics Authority in April 2016 over the Vote Leave campaign's claim that £350m a week is sent to the EU. The Chair of the UK Statistics Authority, Sir Andrew Dilnot CBE, replied to say use of the figure was "potentially misleading."

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