Listening to Residents’ Concerns on Parking and HMOs

By Jess David, Oct 22, 2019 3:10

Parking, transport and HMOs are among the top issues that residents raise at drop-in sessions and on the door-step.

Many residents are concerned about increased volumes of parking on residential roads causing congestion and road safety issues. In some parts of the ward this problem has gotten worse following the introduction of the Bear Flat residents parking scheme earlier this year.

I have been working hard to show the impact on local streets including Hensley and Egerton Roads, Bloomfield Park and Chantry Mead and the need for a more strategic approach to parking across Bath. A parking occupancy survey will be carried out in the streets most affected in October. I hope that this will provide an evidence base on which to develop longer-term solutions.

Some changes will also be made to local road markings via a Traffic Regulation Order to improve visibility at junctions and to reduce the congestion caused by parked cars. Please look out for details in a public consultation in the coming week.

Standing up for communities on HMOs

We need a range of housing types across Bath to meet the needs of different communities and households. However, I know that many people are concerned about the increasing number of houses being converted into houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) which can mean extra stress on local roads and services.

I put in comments to oppose a recent planning application for an 8-bed HMO near to the Oval on the grounds that this was over-development of a 4-bedroom house. This would put pressure on a small road without sufficient parking or public transport. I am pleased to see that this application has been withdrawn.

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