Lynne Featherstone calls for end to diesel cars in UK's major cities

Former government minister Lynne Featherstone will use her keynote speech to Lib Dem Conference to call for greater restrictions on diesel cars.

Lynne Featherstone will say: “Four cities around the world have pledged to ban diesel cars by 2025 – but none of our great cities are on that list. If Paris can do it, why can’t our major cities do it too?"

She will highlight the terrible air quality across the UK, and the Conservative Government implementing a succession of anti-green bills.

She will say: "We have had less than two full years of Conservative-only government, and already the list of anti-green measures is shocking. It is now clear the crucial role the Liberal Democrats played in securing and maintaining key climate change policy during the Coalition."

Lynne will warn: “you cannot have a safe environment with a hard Brexit.

“Theresa May might not be a climate denier but she is a climate ignorer, if the Liberal Democrats do not lead this fight, then who will?”

Featherstone’s speech calls to reduce “carbon emissions by 100% by 2050” to start a “new green industrial revolution” to “be bold” and for the Lib Dems to take the lead.

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