May Confirms EU Migration Clampdown During Transition

Theresa May has confirmed that new EU migrants arriving in the UK after March 2019 will be subject to new migration rules. The plans ignore the needs of central British businesses and will mean a reduction in the rights of British people wanting to move to Europe.

May stated: 

"During the implementation period, people will continue to be able to come and live and work in the UK; but there will be a registration system – an essential preparation for the new immigration system required to re-take control of our borders. And our intention is that new arrivals would be subject to new rules for EU citizens on long term settlement."

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Ed Davey commented:

"It now appears Theresa May’s transition plans ignore the needs of the NHS and British business for workers from our European neighbours. 
“This won't just hit our health services and industry, it also means British people wanting to move to Europe will lose many of their rights within eighteen months. 
“The Conservatives now seem willing to damage our NHS, our economy and opportunities for young Brits in their rush for an extreme Brexit."

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