New Leader and Cabinet for B&NES

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, May 05, 2021 12:05

Councillor Kevin Guy has been confirmed as the new Leader of B&NES, following a vote at the Council AGM. Councillor Guy has announced the new Cabinet as well as priorities for the Lib Dem administration over the next two years.

Speaking at the Council meeting on 4 May, Councillor Guy said:

“My programme going forward is driven by two things. The first is that Covid has, of course, hit us hard financially, but, more importantly, it has slowed our ability to make the progress we planned in some of our key priority areas. We now need to re-focus and set that right, to drive a gear change, rather than a change of direction.

“Second, our Net Zero by 2030 target is now a year closer. The climate emergency is, quite simply, the most critical issue we face; it is at the heart of everything we do. If we fail to tackle it effectively – remembering always that climate justice cannot be achieved without social justice – all else we do is in vain.

“This is a hugely exciting and ambitious plan for the coming two years. I am fortunate to have a talented, focussed and committed team to deliver it.

“I have structured the Cabinet with two Deputy Leaders, each tasked with tackling one of the major challenges, and having the capacity and resources to do so effectively.

“Richard Samuel remains in his Deputy Leader role, but with a broadened responsibility now including Economic Development. And I have created a second Deputy Leader position with particular responsibility for the Climate Emergency and Sustainable Travel; we are immensely fortunate to have Sarah Warren to fill that demanding role.

“This is an able and powerful team with the focus and gifts to enable us to deliver our manifesto promises to our residents.”

The new Cabinet posts are as follows:

  • Leader of Council – Kevin Guy
  • Deputy Leader, Economic Development and Resources – Richard Samuel
  • Deputy Leader, Climate and Sustainable Travel – Sarah Warren
  • Adults and Council House Building – Alison Born and Tom Davies (Job Share)
  • Children and Young People, Communities and Culture – Dine Romero
  • Neighbourhood Services – Dave Wood
  • Transport – Manda Rigby (Note: Manda will take up her duties after completing her term of office as Mayor of Bath on 6 May.)
  • Planning – Tim Ball

Detailed portfolios will be published on the Council website.

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