Newbridge February Focus

By Samantha Hirkaler, Feb 12, 2019 3:02

The latest local news from Newbridge Councillor Michelle O'Doherty and campaigner, Mark Roper. 

Focus on Newbridge: February Edition


Many of you have raised with us on the doorstep  the pressure on on-street parking throughout Newbridge. Cllr Michelle O’Doherty said “We know that hospital staff and patients park in the roads all around the RUH, and the new Bath Spa University arts college opening  on the site of the old Hermann Miller building is likely to make things more difficult in the Locksbrook Road area. On top of that there is the potential overspill from the new Clean Air Zone in January 2021. All of these issues mean it will be much harder for residents to find a place to park their vehicle near their homes – if at all. We will asking residents and local businesses about  what you think the best solution will be – for example, should there be far wider use of residents parking zones throughout the Newbridge area, and we will continue to work with the council and the RUH to find the best solution to the problem.” What do you think? Contact us with your thoughts.

Mobility and Access

Newbridge is fortunate to have frequent bus services to the city centre – but there is much more we can do to encourage sustainable transport links. Newbridge Lib Dem activist Mark Roper said “It’s a flat cycle ride into town but the lack of cycle lanes and cycle priority traffic lights make going by road challenging and definitely not something you would want to do with your family. The shared path along the river bank is in need of improvement – widening, and with low level illumination in places to keep all users safe. And when you get to the centre there needs to be safe, dry cycle parking and somewhere to store your cycling gear. Other cities have bike garages – why doesn’t Bath? We spend lots of money proving safe and dry parking for cars – and not bikes. That’s wrong – and we want to change it.” What else can we do to make it easier to leave our cars at home? Let us know your ideas.

Student Accommodation Update

Planning permission has now been sought for a new student block on Locksbrook Road – opposite the new Bath Spa University arts centre. Cllr Michelle O’Doherty has asked for the application to be considered by the planning committee, rather then at officer level, to allow for a greater level of transparency with the decision making process. There is also another application time come for the Hartwells site, which is currently in the pre-planning stage. The two universities bring great benefits to Bath but it is important that we balance the needs of students and residents. The huge amount of student accommodation along both sides of the river has come at the same time as Bath is crying out for more social and truly affordable housing. We are strongly opposed to more student specific building in the Newbridge area. Your local Lib Dem team will work hard to ensure that we keep the right balance and ensuring that the local area is not out under undue pressure by large developments.

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