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B&NES Cabinet approves West of England Combined Authority

B&NES Council's Conservative Cabinet has voted to go ahead with the West of England Combined Authority. The vote was taken on the same day as the two other Councils in the new authority: Bristol and South Gloucestershire. The three Councils will now go ahead with new devolution arrangements under a directly elected Metro Mayor.

No Park and Ride decision this year

With the December meeting of B&NES Cabinet having been cancelled, no decision can now be taken on the site of the East of Bath Park and Ride this calendar year.

Council vote on Your Care, Your Way

Virgin Care has been confirmed as the prime provider of community health and social care services in Bath and North East Somerset from 2 April 2017, following a vote by B&NES Council on 10 November 2016.

Conservatives Block Education Debate

Lib Dem Councillors are objecting to the blocking, by the Conservative ruling party, of a debate on education at B&NES Council yesterday evening.

East of Bath Park and Ride Debate Stymied

Two members of the public were unable to make statements at a meeting of B&NES Council on 10 November, due to election period rules, and a request for a short debate on the East of Bath park and ride was timed out by the ruling Conservative administration.

Keeping motorbikes off Victoria Bridge

Action is being taken to ban motorbikes from Victoria Bridge following a year of pressure from local Councillor Andrew Furse. Since the bridge was reopened to the public there has been an increasing problem of motorcycles and mopeds using the pedestrian bridge as a short cut between Upper and Lower Bristol Roads.

Fortnightly waste plan will be disaster for city centre

Lib Dem campaigners are warning that Conservative plans to reduce waste collections to a fortnightly cycle will be a disaster for Bath city centre and are calling for weekly collections to be maintained for key residential areas.

Gerry Curran fighting for Abbey ward residents

Former B&NES Councillor Gerry Curran has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Abbey ward by-election in Bath. The by-election, which has been called following a resignation, will take place on Thursday 17 November.

Local Communities Welcoming Refugees

The Liberal Democrats have urged the government to play its part in resettling refugees, in particular unaccompanied children, in an emergency motion at their Autumn Conference.

We must act to tackle FGM and modern slavery

Lib Dems on B&NES Council have spoken out against female genital mutilation (FGM) and modern slavery. Two motions were brought to the September meeting of B&NES Council, committing B&NES to working towards the eradication of human trafficking and slavery, and to raising awareness of and supporting action against FGM.