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How would you like Bath and North East Somerset Council to be run?

Councillor Dine Romero, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on B&NES Council:

How would you like Bath and North East Somerset Council to be run? That’s the question facing local residents next week. Should we stick with the status quo: a Council run by a Leader and Cabinet chosen by voters at local elections? Or should we have our own George or even Boris, set above Councillors?

Budget: residents will have to pay more and get less

B&NES Councillors met this evening to discuss the Council budget for the 2016-17 financial year. The budget includes £12M of savings as well as a 3.25% hike in the level of Council Tax residents will be expected to pay. This comes on top of already announced hikes in the precepts charged by the Fire Service, the Police and Crime Commissioner and Parish Councils.

New action on gulls

B&NES Cabinet will meet this week (10 February) to discuss action on the perennial problem of urban gulls in Bath. This will include an 18 month research project "map and track the behaviour of the gulls as they interact with their food sources and nesting sites".

First Conservative budget published

The first budget proposals from the Conservative administration of B&NES Council have been published ahead of February's Cabinet meeting.

East of Bath park and ride scrutiny date announced

B&NES Council’s Communities, Transport and Environment committee will hold a scrutiny day on the 22nd of March at the Guildhall, from 10:00am – 4:30pm, it has been announced.

More action to improve children’s health needed

B&NES Councillors are being asked to consider local initiatives and policies aimed at improving children’s health at a special session called by committee Chair Councillor Lisa Brett.

Concerns raised as recycling mounts up

Contingency plans should have been put in place earlier to keep recycling collections running during industrial action, say Lib Dem Councillors. Strikes and an overtime ban have affected collections since the start of the year and recycling has not been picked up in some areas since Christmas.

Deliver Alice Park skate scheme say Lib Dems

Lib Dem Councillors in Bath are calling for the Conservative administration to get on and deliver skate ramps for young people in Alice Park. Funding for the scheme was earmarked by the Lib Dem administration in 2014. Now, 7 months after the elections, local people are getting concerned as to whether the new administration intends to deliver this facility or not.

Scrutiny process gives hope to Meadows campaigners

Lib Dem Councillors have said that a recent resolution by B&NES Council gives hope to campaigners in the fight to save Bathampton Meadows and solve Bath’s congestion and pollution problems.

Conservative climb down on East of Bath Park and Ride?

Conservative proposals to build a Park and Ride site on Bathampton Meadows, East of Bath, have been met with fervent opposition by B&NES residents and politicians. The shambolic and rushed consultation process, which only included three sites, has also been roundly condemned. Now the Conservative administration on B&NES Council is finally showing signs of listening to public opinion.