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Rise in Private Ambulances in NHS a Stain on Government's Record

Rises in NHS spending on private ambulances has risen to over £78 million, creating a "stain on the government's record", says former Health Minister Norman Lamb. Not only is this costly, but it has raised serious concerns regarding patient safety.

Pause 'shambolic' Universal Credit roll-out

The Liberal Democrats have demanded a pause in the disaster that is Universal Credit until the system can be reformed, as its policies and waiting times cause serious difficulties across the country. They have called on the Labour Party to work with them in achieving this aim, which builds on existing party commitments to reverse the damaging Conservative cuts that have undermined Universal Credit’s original aim of boosting incentives to work.

Disaster for Democracy

The Liberal Democrat MP for Bath, Wera Hobhouse, has called out recent attacks by the Conservative government on the democratic system in a speech. The EU withdrawal bill and other legislation is threatening the role of parliament and betraying voters.

Lamb: Not credible for Boris to stay in Government

Former Health Minister Norman Lamb calls for Boris Johnson to leave the government over his misleading use of the £350m NHS myth. The statistic is a "cynical ploy" and has ruined Johnson's credibility.

Cable: DExEU head Oliver Robbins finds an exit from Brexit

Oliver Robbins, head of the Brexit department, has quit to take up a new role,in a development typical of the chaos and division at the heart of this Government. 

Foxhill: Wera steps in to get both sides talking

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse has acted to improve relations between Curo and some Foxhill residents over the plans to demolish and rebuild a large part of the estate.

“Time for a rethink on Libraries” say Lib Dems

“Time for a rethink on Libraries” say Lib Dems

The controversial proposal to merge the Council’s One Stop Shop and Library, and possibly move Bath Central Library, should be scrapped according to Lib Dem Councillors on B&NES Council.

At tonight’s meeting, Councillors will receive a petition – signed by over 5,000 people – calling for the library to be saved. Lib Dem spokesperson on community services and new Walcot Councillor, Richard Samuel, will propose a motion agreeing with the petitioners and calling for the Council to acknowledge their concern. 

Lib Dem challenges rival to save free school meals from Tory ‘lunch snatchers’

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Bath, Wera Hobhouse, has challenged her Tory rival to promise to vote against his Party’s plan to take free school meals away from infant children. She says that the proposal, which is in the Conservative manifesto, shows the "nasty party is back, and hitting the poorest hardest.”

Lib Dems launch manifesto plan to fund more nurses, teachers and police in Bath

The Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto plans today for a brighter future, with pledges to reverse Conservative cuts and increase funding for the NHS, schools and police.

The Party’s landmark policy would give the people the final say on the Brexit deal which would include the option to remain in the EU.

Lib Dems would give £527 pay rise to nurses in Bath to address staffing shortages

Liberal Democrats have announced they would end years of pay restraint for nurses, teachers and police in Bath & NE Somerset by lifting the 1% cap on public sector pay and increases wages in line with inflation.

Under Liberal Democrat plans, the 1,872 teachers working in B&NES would get an average pay rise of £905 by 2021, while the 2,684 police working for Avon & Somerset Police would see their pay boosted by £471.