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Lib Dems launch Bath summer clean-up drive

Bath city centre will get a big boost of £40,000 for a major clean-up of our streets. Your Lib Dem council is acting after listening to complaints from residents about the state of the city centre.

Tackling the Climate Emergency: A Record of Lib Dem Actions in the first 100 days

Find out in this long read article what the new Lib Dem administration has already done in its fight against the climate emergency. 

“No-deal” Brexit to cost more than 2,000 jobs across Bath & NE Somerset

Research by the UK Trade Policy Observatory has revealed that a no-deal Brexit will lead to just over 2,000 jobs being lost across the region.

Lib Dems Pledge Action on Food Poverty

The thousands of people receiving food bank parcels every year are just the most visible aspect of food poverty locally, say Councillors calling for the creation of a Food Poverty Action Plan for B&NES. 

Lib Dems target developers who try to dodge their affordable and social housing obligations

Developers who try to wriggle out of building social and affordable housing will have to come back to planning committee, thanks to new rules introduced by the Lib Dems running B&NES Council.

"End Revenge Evictions" say Lib Dems

Lib Dems are pressing for protections against unfair evictions of tenants by rogue landlords. 

Lib Dems Oppose Bristol Airport Expansion

Cabinet member Sarah Warren’s efforts to oppose the expansion of Bristol Airport shows that the Liberal Democrats are taking the climate emergency seriously.

Lib Dems Win Euro Elections in B&NES

The Liberal Democrats have won the European election in Bath and North East Somerset, picking up 35% of the vote, an increase of over 20% since the last election in 2014.

Liberal Democrats Sweep to Victory in B&NES!

Thank you to everyone who voted Liberal Democrat on 2nd of May - you have given us a mandate to transform our area for everyone.

Lib Dems Demand Better for Bath's air quality

Lib Dems say that, based on the current evidence, a Lib Dem-run Council would not charge cars for entering Bath’s clean air zone. However, the current plan is flawed and wider measures to reduce and manage traffic congestion, as well as cutting greenhouse gases, are needed.