Gridlock in Keynsham

Conservative-run B&NES Council has made a complete mess of our road system. The roads around Keynsham are reaching crisis point.

Bollards to Manor Road

Residents say consult us first!

Higher Tax, Fewer Services

The Tory Town Council increases Council Tax, hoarding the money in a bank account as Keynsham services are cut. 

Concerns over new draft planning strategy for West of England

Draft plans that will shape the future of development in the West of England have this week been approved for consultation by the Cabinet of B&NES Council. Effects in B&NES will include additional housing developments for Keynsham and Whitchurch, ‘urban intensification’ for existing communities and a slew of proposed road projects.

Letter: Concerns about litter in Keynsham

This letter, from Andy Halliday, was originally published in The Week In East Bristol and North East Somerset on 4 August 2016.

Letter: Keynsham High Street one-way trial

This letter, from Duncan Hounsell, was originally published in The Week In East Bristol and North East Somerset on 4 August 2016.

Letter: Heavy vehicles add to our traffic worries

This letter from Andy Halliday was originally published in the Bath Chronicle on 24 March 2016.