“No-deal” Brexit to cost more than 2,000 jobs across Bath & NE Somerset

According to research from the UK Trade Policy Observatory

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Aug 10, 2019 3:08

Research by the UK Trade Policy Observatory has revealed that a no-deal Brexit will lead to just over 2,000 jobs being lost across the region.

The estimates – which have been described by the researchers as “conservative” – find that around 1,100 jobs will be lost in Bath and a further 950 across North East Somerset.

This research comes to light as the government has asked councils across England to appoint a Brexit lead to manage the fallout from a no-deal Brexit, which is looking increasingly likely since Boris Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister.

A spokesperson for the Bath and North East Somerset Liberal Democrats said:

“We are struggling as it is. For nearly 10 years, B&NES Council budget has been stripped to the bone by government cuts. If the government believes by appointing a Brexit lead we will somehow be able to save 2,000 jobs from being lost across the region, it shows how utterly delusional they are.

“Job losses are only one aspect of the threat to our region caused by a no-deal Brexit. There is still little clarity over the detrimental effects of a no-deal on things like the cost of living, trade, tourism and food and medicine supplies in Bath and North East Somerset.

“Nobody voted for job losses back in the 2016 referendum. This is why the Liberal Democrats believe it is crucial that we hand the decision back to the people to decide if they still want to go through with Brexit knowing the damage it will inevitably cause.

“The only person who needs to lose their job in B&NES is Jacob Rees-Mogg as North East Somerset’s MP. His vision of Brexit would be catastrophic. Electing Nick Coates in his place will help to ensure that residents of North East Somerset have greater job security by having an extra MP fighting for Britain's continued membership in the world's largest trading bloc. Something that Lib Dem MP, Wera Hobhouse is already doing for Bath.”

Read the full UK Trade Policy Observatory's article here

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