Letter: Not a vote for no change whatsoever

The B&NES referendum vote, against a directly elected Mayor, was not a vote for no change whatsoever.

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Mar 17, 2016 4:03

This letter from Lib Dem Councillor Dine Romero of Southdown ward was originally published in the Bath Chronicle on 17 March 2016. 

Dine_Romero_(2015).jpgI would like to thank the 38,672 B&NES residents who voted on the future governance of our local area. The result showed conclusively that an elected Mayor is not the solution that B&NES residents want or need.

However, a vote for no change in our system of governance is not a vote for no change overall, a significant portion of our residents indicated that they want some change.

We do not believe the Council to be perfect and we need to work towards the changes we want to see. I hope we can now have a sensible debate about how to improve local democracy so it works for everyone in Bath & North East Somerset.

We want and will be calling for more openness in Council decision making, fewer meetings held behind closed doors, a Bath City Forum that has actual power, a better dialogue with parish councils and a Council that responds to residents’ wishes.

-- Dine Romero, Bath and North East Somerset Councillor for Southdown

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