Riders, to your marks for skate bowl opening

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Sep 16, 2015 5:09

The long-awaited rebuild of the skate park in Royal Victoria Park is nearly complete.


It has been announced that the skate park will be finished and ready for use by the public on Monday 21 September. There will also be a celebratory skatejam session on Saturday 26 September.

Councillor Andy Furse, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Kingsmead ward, commented:

“I know local skaters, BMXers and scooter-riders have been itching to get back on the ramps all summer, so I’m delighted that the skate bowl is opening while we still have some light in the evenings.

“This revamp was overdue, given that the skate park had gone 20 years without an update. I’m proud that the Lib Dem administration took the decision last year to carry out the works and consult with local riders to come up with the best design to suit all different kinds of uses.

“In fact, our £500,000 package for the Royal Victoria Park is improving the facilities for all kinds of users. The investment included new play equipment, new public toilets, a new café, restoration of the Great Dell walkway and installation of barbecue areas. 

“Having secured funding for the original skate park in 1994/95, the facility was life expired so I’ve been campaigning for an update to these skate facilities for several years. I’m particularly glad to see the bowl in use by local riders.”

The new facilities include a series of concrete bowls sunk into the ground, including one of the only ‘vert’ bowls in the country. The park also offers a selection of new street features for those riders keen to practice other skills. This exciting and challenging new space is aimed to stretch the skills of riders, even the more experienced ones.

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