Walcot Councillor Backs Campaign to ‘Save Vegmead’

Councillor Lisa Brett (Walcot, Lib Dems) has backed local residents’ campaigning to save the community vegetable garden known as ‘Vegmead’ in Hedgemead Park, Bath.

The Council has this week announced a two-year programme of improvement works to the park, which includes a proposal to move ‘Vegmead’ to Kensington Meadows. You can read more about the Council's proposal in the press release here: "Improvements to Hedgemead Park in Bath".

Lisa Brett said:

Lisa_Brett_(small_photo).jpg“I am sure Walcot residents will welcome investment and improvements to facilities in Hedgemead Park, which is well used and well loved by the community.”

“However there is no justification for the proposal to move the community vegetable garden from Hedgemead to Kensington Gardens. The ‘Vegmead’ garden has been operating for five years now without any problems. It is maintained by local residents and volunteers at no cost to the Council.”

“At a time when public services are facing cut backs, why is the Council wasting its time and money trying to stop a community group from cultivating part of the park for free? If Vegmead is removed then the replacement will either be flowers, which will have a cost to the Council, or more likely grass, which will be a loss to the community. Instead, the Council should preserve Vegmead AND allow a community plot on Kensington Meadows.”

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