Petition for Secondary School Places

242 of 300 signatures

We, the undersigned, are asking B&NES Council to review the policies on secondary school places.

We are concerned about:

  1. The disadvantage to families in the SW of Bath accessing their school of choice.
  2. The lack of LOCAL school places for children in SW Bath.
  3. The impact to families in time and cost of the transport arrangements for children traveling from SW Bath to St Marks' school.
  4. The impact to Bath Traffic with many additional journeys across the city.

We request that the council URGENTLY investigate:

  1. Developing a secondary school local to residents in the SW of Bath.
  2. Putting in adequate transport arrangement for children allocated to St Marks' school from the SW of Bath.
  3. The injustice of the current admissions policies to children in the SW of Bath who are not getting an equal chance of a school of their choice. 

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