Bath and North East Somerset is the strongest beacon of liberal democracy in the South-West.

Will you commit to helping the Liberal Democrats secure our future here?


Lib Dem values, local democracy and representation in Westminster are especially important now as we see multiple failures in government at a national level.

Bath & North East Somerset is a beacon of Liberal Democrat success because we have:

  • Returned our Bath MP, Wera Hobhouse, to Westminster with an increased majority
  • Significantly increased Lib Dem voters in North East Somerset at local and national elections
  • Majority control of B&NES Council with 37 councillors out of 59, for the first time ever
  • Over 1,100 active members, supporters, and volunteers – one of the largest local LD parties
  • Two local party staff members who run campaigns and spread our messages across B&NES
  • Our own cherished HQ in James Street West, the base for all local party activities.

As an ambitious local party, we want to do more than just hold our current position.  Our challenge is to build and grow the legacy and successes of 2019 to fight elections from 2021 onwards. We want to:

  • Keep Lib Dems in power in Bath
  • Build our presence in NE Somerset
  • Empower our Councillors, candidates, volunteers, and staff
  • Strengthen our year-round campaigning to convince more people to vote Lib Dem
  • Have a well-managed local party office that is fit for purpose and professionally organised.

To succeed and achieve these objectives, we need to galvanise greater support over the next 12 months. For that we need your attention and your help now, both financial and in kind.

Each year, the local party needs to raise £50,000 to fund its day to day activities.  To increase our financial resilience, and to plan and secure our future, we need more local party members to give financial support now.  So, we ask if you can, to please donate on a regular monthly or annual basis.

Please can you give a minimum of £10 a month or £120 per year by standing order?  For about the cost of a cup of coffee per week, you can help to secure local democracy and representation by people who share your Lib Dem values.  If you can give more, that would be fantastic!

Then we will be able to keep campaigning and promoting Lib Dem values and achievements across Bath & North East Somerset and be ready to fight and win the next elections.

Your regular giving donation can be made either:

  1. By setting up a standing order online with your bank, B&NES Lib Dem’s bank details are sort code 30-90-54 and account number 01351988 or
  2. By completing the downloadble standing order form which you should send direct to your bank. Having sent it to your bank, please can you email a copy of your standing order to [email protected]


For further details, please contact Fiona Gourley, Membership Officer, B&NES Liberal Democrats
T: 0780 3015886, E: [email protected]



Thank you