Statement by Councillor Kevin Guy

I will not allow false and malicious attacks on me to distract the Liberal Democrats from delivering on our promises to the voters of B&NES.

For the past two years I have been subjected to a concerted campaign of fake and defamatory allegations by one or more anonymous people hiding behind false names.

At my request these claims about my eligibility to be a Councillor were investigated in 2019 by the Council’s electoral officers and by the police. They concluded that there was no case to answer and that I was fully entitled to stand for election.

But the personal attacks have continued and this year the same smears resurfaced. Once again, they were investigated, this time by the Chief Executive of the Council with the assistance of specialist external legal advice, and with exactly the same result – there is no case to answer. I was eligible to stand for election and I remain the legitimate councillor for Bathavon North ward.

I have no idea who is behind this malicious campaign against me or why they are doing it. But whoever they are, they will not distract me from my real job of representing the people who elected me and delivering on our manifesto. We will succeed in doing that despite the massive damage that the Covid pandemic has done to the Council’s finances.

Kevin Guy


Note for editors: The false allegations referred to in this statement are defamatory and any publication of them will be treated as deliberate libel.


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