In this time of crisis for our country and the world, our priority locally is to help the communities in which we live to cope with the effects of the coronavirus.

We will be:

  • Focussing our time and energy on helping the people of B&NES, especially those who are most affected or live alone
  • Joining other community efforts to identify and support vulnerable people, enabling our members and activists to volunteer to help others, and publicising appropriate advice and resources
  • Keeping people informed about how they can help their community, their friends, family and neighbours in the coming weeks
  • Assisting our elected representatives in using their roles to help ensure relevant public bodies are making adequate preparations to support their communities.

Further information on the government's response to the COVID-19 outbreak is available from UK Government and the NHS.

More details on the local response can be found from B&NES Council, while Bath MP Wera Hobhouse has published her own guidance for Bath residents.

We hope all reading this are safe and well, and send all our best wishes to you and our communities during this uncertain time.