350 Homes for Sulis Down – is too many!

The Hignet Family Trust have plans to double the number of houses to be built on Sulis Down, the land behind Sulis Meadow and the Park and Ride in Odd Down.

DSC_1197_(Small).jpg Planning_Applicatiom.JPG

Previously planning application had been granted for 171 dwellings on this land. The developer is now pushing for 350 houses.

All the papers including a 55 page document, of their proposal can be found on the B&NES council website at : click on search planning applications and enter “20/00092/SCOPE” into the search box. Please send us your view on this proposal by email.

Joel & Steve your Odd Down Councillors are very concerns about this.

Cllr Joel Hirst says: “I am angry about this proposal. We know from previous applications that our road network will struggle to cope with the 171 new properties. Doubling the number of houses will bring our traffic to a standstill at peak time. Steve and I will be opposing this proposal. While we desperately need affordable house this is not the right place to put such a large development.”

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