Request for traffic calming measures on 20mph section of Keynsham Wellsway

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Oct 22, 2019 10:10

Local Keynsham councillors Andy Wait and Hal MacFie have written to B&NES Council’s cabinet members for Transport with a request for traffic calming measures on part of Keynsham Wellsway following a consultation with residents.

The letter in full stated: 

“We held a residents meeting on Monday 30th September. It was attended by 25 residents and we had email support from another 5 residents. One attendee represented 40 residents on the Park Hill Estate. Hal MacFie presented details of various traffic calming measures as presented by the Traffic Choices web site as recommended by Neil Terry from B&NES.

Current Position

  1. It is estimated that 80% of vehicles are exceeding the 22mph threshold.

  2. In the last 18 months there have been three major incidents where cars have been written off due to excessive speed.

  3. The northern section that comprises the last 100metres before the junction with the Bath Road is narrow and large vehicles have to mount the pavement in some cases to pass each other. Pedestrians are at risk.

  4. Cars from both directions approach the current crossing for pupils of Wellsway school at excessive speed

  5. Cars exiting the Rock hill estate are at risk of cars speeding south. There is no pedestrian pavement at this exit on the near side of the road.

  6. HGV drivers are continually flouting the 7.5 ton restriction. The 7.5 ton restriction signs at the Bath road junction are facing in the wrong direction.


Resident requests

  1.  Three speed tables: (A) The Northern section close to the Bath Road junction to slow down vehicles coming on to the Wellsway. (B) Just north of the main School crossing. (C) Just north of the Rockhill Estate exit.
  2. Training for residents in Community Speed Watch operation.

  3. Speed monitoring of 20mph section to support our case

  4. Enforcement of HGV weight restrictions.
  5. Speed activated roundel signs until the speed tables arrive.

Residents are now actively monitoring accidents and near misses and HGV offences and will inform you and the Community Police of our records. We would like to ask for a meeting with you and B&NES staff to discuss how we can take these proposals further." 

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