Keeping motorbikes off Victoria Bridge

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, Oct 19, 2016 3:10

Action is being taken to ban motorbikes from Victoria Bridge following a year of pressure from local Councillor Andrew Furse. Since the bridge was reopened to the public there has been an increasing problem of motorcycles and mopeds using the pedestrian bridge as a short cut between Upper and Lower Bristol Roads.


Councillor Furse, who represents Kingsmead ward in which the Bridge is located, commented:

“Local residents are delighted that action is being taken to ban motorbikes from Victoria Bridge. Since its restoration and reopening the bridge has re-established the vital pedestrian link between North and South. This is especially important for schools and Western Riverside access.”

“The problem with motorbikes and mopeds started a year ago and has been a cause for concern for residents. Many pedestrians and cyclists use this route and so there is an obvious safety concern as well as increased noise.”

“I have been pressing the Council to get a legally enforceable traffic order in place to ban motor vehicles from Victoria Bridge. I am now pleased that the legalities have started to ensure that this footbridge is safe for pedestrians without the fear that a motorbike will whisk by them”

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