Liberal Democrats Sweep to Victory in B&NES!

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, May 08, 2019 2:05

Thank you to everyone who voted Liberal Democrat on 2nd of May - you have given us a mandate to transform our area for everyone.

The Liberal Democrats celebrate winning control of Bath and North East Somerset Council from the Conservatives (Rod Minchin/PA Wire)

The Liberal Democrats have secured the first ever Lib Dem majority on B&NES Council, giving us a clear mandate to deliver on the progressive, sustainable and radical changes for our area. Residents have made it clear: they demand better from B&NES Council and we promise to do so. 

There were some remarkable results last week. Some of which include: 

  • This result is the biggest electoral swing in B&NES history
  • We now have as many Councillors in Jacob Rees Mogg's constituency as the Conservatives do. We're bringing the fight to JRM!
  • Talking of Jacob Rees Mogg, his local Councillor is now a Lib Dem after Dave Wood defeated Conservative Council Leader Tim Warren
  • In High Littleton, Ryan Wills defeated longstanding Conservative Les Kew, who has represented that seat since before Ryan was born!
  • We now have not one, but two BME Councillors (after years of B&NES Council being much whiter than the community it serves) congratulations to Kumar in Bathwick and Bharat in Combe Down.
  • We hold every seat in Bath, apart from the two Westmoreland seats (where the Lib Dem vote share doubled). 
  • The Conservatives lost all but 2 of their Cabinet on election night.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the campaign. If you delivered a leaflet, knocked on a door, stuffed envelopes, voted for us - you are a part of a very special victory. Now begins the work of changing our area for the better. If you need to get in touch with your local Councillor, please do! The new Lib Dem Councillors are as follows:

  • Bathavon North - Cllr Kevin Guy & Cllr Sarah Warren
  • Bathavon South - Cllr Neil Butters & Cllr Matt McCabe
  • Bathwick - Cllr Yukteshwar Kumar & Cllr Manda Rigby
  • Combe Down - Cllr Gerry Curran & Cllr Bharat Pankhania
  • High Littleton - Cllr Ryan Wills
  • Keynsham East - Cllr Hal Macfie & Cllr Andy Wait
  • Kingsmead - Cllr Sue Craig & Cllr Andy Furse
  • Lambridge - Cllr Rob Appleyard & Cllr Joanna Wright
  • Lansdown - Cllr Mark Elliott & Cllr Lucy Hodge
  • Mendip - Cllr David Wood
  • Moorlands - Cllr Jess David
  • Newbridge - Cllr Michelle O'Doherty & Cllr Mark Roper
  • Odd Down - Cllr Steve Hedges & Cllr Joel Hirst
  • Oldfield Park - Cllr Shaun Stephenson-McGall
  • Radstock - Cllr Bruce Shearn
  • Saltford - Cllr Duncan Hounsell & Cllr Alastair Singleton
  • Southdown - Cllr Paul Crossley & Cllr Dine Romero (Leader of the Council)
  • Twerton - Cllr Tim Ball & Cllr Sarah Moore
  • Walcot - Cllr Tom Davies & Cllr Richard Samuel
  • Weston - Cllr Shelley Bromley & Cllr Ruth Malloy
  • Widcombe and Lyncombe - Cllr Alison Born & Cllr Winston Duguid

Your local Liberal Democrats rely on the help of supporters to deliver for residents in Bath and North East Somerset. Select one of the tiles below to find out how you could help

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