Wellsway traffic calming news

By Hal MacFie, Jun 11, 2020 2:06

Following two residents’ meetings last October/November, Hal and Andy have met with B&NES Highways staff to discuss proposals:

1. Install three speed tables along the 20-mph section

We told the B&NES people that the residents meeting had voted unanimously for speed tables along the 20-mph section of the Wellsway. They were quite ready to start the preparatory work to prepare a technical plan and a budget. However, they noted that there is a record of residents asking for tables to be taken away once they have been installed because of the noise profile of vehicles slowing down and speeding up. Apparently, the residents in St Ladocs Road have asked for theirs to be taken away. However, they will go away and prepare the budget and put it on the draft list for 21/22 year.

2. Reduce the current 40-mph section to 30-mph

The results of our second residents meeting with the residents of the 30 and 40-mph zones was a unanimous vote requesting a 30 mph limit all the way up to the current 40-mph zone past the Burnett turn. The B&NES officials stated that a 30-mph zone would only be acceptable up to 200 Wellsway.

They accepted the results of the engagement meeting and would prepare a budget and put this on the to do list. However, it is vital to get the approval of the police as they would have to enforce it and we are proceeding with that.

Reducing the speed limit will also make our pursuit of a pedestrian crossing or island at the top end of Wellsway near to Courtenay Road more likely.

3. Install a fixed camera on the 30/40mph Wellsway section

We noted the existence of fixed cameras on similar stretches of road at Farmborough, Saltford, Gurney Slade and Temple Cloud. The officials noted that fixed cameras are very expensive and advised us to start negotiating with the community police over enforcement before the case could proceed further.

4.  Install pedestrian pavement from 200 Wellsway up to the Upland Cottage and Barn complex

We noted that this section was downhill and extremely dangerous to walk on. Residents had unanimously voted to request this walkway to enable Upland residents to walk safely into town on to school. We await their response.

Concluding Comments

The B&NES staff were impressed with the attendance and agreed to most of our requests in principle. We need to demonstrate that we are serious in our demands and proceed with the community speed watch scheme.

Please call 01179863590, email [email protected] or text 07786436656 if you are happy to join the speed watch scheme. Please also take a photo of any incidents that you observe on this stretch of road so that we can build up a file of evidence that it is a dangerous stretch of road at the moment and email or text them over.


− Councillor Hal Macfie and Councillor Andy Wait

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