Wera Hobhouse: Best for Bath

By BathNES Lib Dems 🔶, May 03, 2017 4:05

Wera Hobhouse has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the City of Bath to fight the General Election taking place on June 8th. 



Aged 57, Wera was born in Hanover, Germany and came to Britain in 1990 having met and married her English husband, William Hobhouse. They both cite the fall of the Berlin Wall, which they travelled to witness in November 1989, as a pivotal moment in their lives. 

Wera and William have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, aged 20 to 27 years and live in central Bath.

She has had several diverse successful careers: as a radio journalist, a professional artist and, in the UK, as a teacher of modern languages.  She is fluent in English, German and French.

Wera_Hobhouse_(May_2017).jpgWera started her political life in Rochdale, where as a councillor she fought tirelessly against the building of 600 new homes and a children’s nursery on asbestos-contaminated land, ultimately winning this 7-year battle.

Since moving with her family to Bath, she has immersed herself in local politics.

She is perhaps best known for her pro European and Internationalist views.  She is strongly opposed to the brutal and destructive hard version of Brexit that Theresa May has chosen for us.

Politically Wera’s other passion is the environment: encompassing traffic congestion, the pollution it causes and damage to the health of Bath’s residents.  She also opposes the environmental vandalism of the Bathampton Meadows Park & Ride scheme.  It would make little difference to the traffic volumes on London Road, as confirmed by the Council’s own documents, and would be a gigantic waste of tax payers’ money.

Wera is noted for her strong and deep rooted principles and she is bold and fearless in her defence of them.  Many remark on her boundless energy and ability to get things done.  She is intelligent, competent and thoughtful, and in no sense would she be ‘lobby fodder’ as an MP. 

Wera Hobhouse will be a decent and caring champion of our great city.

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