Working towards a greener Moorlands

By Jess David, Jan 29, 2020 3:01

Moorlands has wonderful green spaces and mature trees. However, I know that many people are concerned about tree felling, litter and air quality and want to do more to improve our local environment.

I am delighted that Moorlands ward was recently awarded free trees by ‘More Trees for Bath and North East Somerset’. Around 30 households will be given new trees to plant in their garden. This will help to support wildlife as well as providing many other environmental benefits.

I am also working with Curo to plant new trees across the Moorlands estate. Around 20 trees will be planted on Willow Green, adjacent to Moorfields Drive and Poplar Close.

Moorlands Infant School is also planting a further 25 trees on their school grounds, supported by a new parent led eco group. The group is helping the school to reduce its environmental impact, including organising litter picks around the perimeter of the school, with equipment provided by the council.

It is fantastic to have the energy and involvement of people across Moorlands to improve our local environment. If you have further ideas or suggestions please get in touch.

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